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About Ding Kang

Hebei Ding Kang cereals and oils Co., Ltd. is a large grain and oil comprehensive enterprise integrating grain and oil storage, logistics, vegetable oil refining, oil trade and PET food related products. Located in No. 309 National Highway 398, Handan County, Hebei Province, with convenient transportation and favorable geographical position. The company is the national special products sentinel production enterprises, China vegetable oil industry association member units, the Beijing military region (central zone) edible oil storage enterprises, Hebei provincial agricultural industrialization leading enterprises, Hebei province assured grain and oil enterprises, key projects in Hebei Province, China Agricultural Development Bank of China branch in Hebei province AA+ quality integrity customers, the first batch of Handan City lixin demonstration unit.
The independent brand "full Xinjiang red" series of edible oil was rated as "consumer satisfaction China famous brand", "Hebei Province, the eighth session of the nine consumer trustworthy brand", "Hebei province assured grain and oil", "quality products in Hebei province". In 2013, "full red" brand was named "Hebei province famous trademark", and in the same year, "Xinjiang red" non GMO soybean oil was named "Hebei famous brand products"". The company has successfully passed the three international certification of international ISO9001 quality management system, occupational health system and environmental management system.
In 2014 the company set up a wholly-owned subsidiary of Handan Kang Ding packing Limited company, for its own brand with Xinjiang red packaging oil with high quality, no plasticizer bottle blank at the same time, will also bottle blank, water bottle blank quality are sold all over the country, "injection molding industry pioneer, Ding Kang tree packing image", Ding Kang the company is committed to packaging food packaging products to consumer safety, do not add a grain of recycled materials "for the purpose, to do a good job in the food safety of the first army.
Ding Kang company in the development, always adhere to the "people-oriented, human nature management, adhere to the process, strictly enforced" management
Concept, experience, lean and excellent team, has accumulated a wealth of experience. The company has also established a "Ding Kang e-commerce website, web site:, Ding Kang WeChat platform, relying on the" Internet plus "advantage, publicity and promotion of" man Jiang red "series of edible oil, to attract customers from all over the country came to discuss cooperation. The choosing of edible oil, please Ding Kang ", Ding Kang company staff is a high profile, in high and vigorous spirits to higher goals.

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    Hebei Ding Kang Cereals & oils Co., Ltd.

    Address: No. 309, No. 398 National Road, 

                    Handan County, Hebei Province

    Telephone: +86-310-8180968
    Fax: +86-310-8180968
    Mobile: +86-18931080060
    Zip code: 056000
    Contact: Li Zong


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